Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Skies

We had to travel to another town south of us to participate in a day of quilting with some friends.  On our way back, in the late afternoon, the skies were so lovely; I thought I'd better share them with you.

Taken from Highway 21 and Franz Rd.  Sagebrush in the foreground and wheat fields beyond.

Looking toward the east over Adams County, Washington.

We'd had some rain in the days before.  This April day was very cool, in the 40's, with a brisk wind blowing.  It was very fresh and the visibility fantastic from this high place on the way from Lind to Odessa.


  1. Wow what beautiful skies and a vast landscape!

  2. Yes, looking east it goes on like that for about a hundred miles, into Idaho. To the south, it's rolling hills all the way into central Oregon, about 150 miles. To the north, it begins to be partly forested with mostly Ponderosa Pine within about 50 miles. To the west, the Cascade Mountains loom up at about 90 miles. It is rather vast, isn't it? Rolling hills of intermittent wheat and sage brush; grain and cattle; prairie and coulee..... cut by the mighty Columbia, Palouse, Spokane and Snake Rivers. Thanks for stopping by. Back to quilting.....

  3. Can't beat it for that. Peaceful indeed. Thanks for coming by.


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