Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NEW - APRIL BANNER OF THE MONTH .... Stormy Weather......and a WINNER!!!!-

A little stormy weather doesn't bother Sunbonnet Sue. She's prepared! Here she is in our latest pattern offering....soon to make its appearance in our sales room. 

April Banner of the Month

Sunbonnet Sue knows "April showers bring May flowers!" In her mind, they're already blooming. This block, basically, a log cabin, is very easy to make, as are all of the blocks we include in our applique patterns.

The rain is coming down.....raining cats and dogs....well, dogs, anyway......

....but even her pooch is protected from the deluge!

On she goes....promises to keep. 

Our banner patterns include instructions for fusible web applique but you can do them any way you please. This sample was sewn with the web and machine appliqued.

Just right for our recent stormy weather!

Again, Joan, over at Moose Stash Quilting has done herself proud, testing our patterns. Thank you so much, Joan, for another gorgeous sample.

And on another note:

A little dust storm called a Haboob came through last week. Haboob is an Arabic word originally describing sand storms in the Sudan. It is pronounced hay-boob. As was the case last week. the Haboob preceded a thunder storm. You can read more about it here

And on a final note:

  It's time for a drawing and someone has won their choice of a Prairie Cottage Corner pattern!

And the winner is:  Linda H.

Congratulations, Linda


  1. Haboobs in Washington? I knew that Arizona had them, but up your way too??? I guess that means there is a whole lotta dusting going on! Ugg,my least favorite thing to do. Your fabric choices for this lil rainy day girl were perfect! Dare I brag a bit about how wonderful it is to pattern test for you!

  2. Thank you for the pattern. I'm looking forward to getting started on it.
    The dust storms must be hard on those whose breathing is impaired.


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