Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer are Gone!

I know, you thought we were just lying around the cottage drinking frappe's and munching on scones.

Well, we weren't. We've been busy, and here are the results.

!!!!!!  13 New Wall Hanging Patterns  !!!!!!

 "Bison of the Plains" Wall Hanging Pattern makes a piece about 11" x 11"

We promised Palouse Divide Lodge, a dealer in wools for quilters, in Princeton, ID, that we would design some patterns especially for them. Hence, all the small pieces here which can be done in cotton, flannel, wool, satin, velvet, etc.

"Cuddles" Wall Hanging Pattern makes a piece about 7" x 8".

Instructions in the patterns are for freezer paper applique' with special techniques for woolens and cotton, both.

 This trio of Halloween/Autumn patterns is being re-introduced in a new set of colors. I don't have samples of all my patterns, yet, but these three are done. My dear friend, Joan Kowano, over at Moose Stash Quilting made these samples for us.

This one is called "Harvest Ghost" and finishes at about 36" x 36".

"Harvest Kitty" about 30" x 30"

 "Harvest Mice" about 30" x 30"

" Lamb Totem" finishes about 10" x 15"

 "Quail Run" finishes about 10" x 14"

"Snowman Bell Ringer" finishes about 6" x 12"

"Squirrel" finishes about 15" x 15"

 "Woolie Owl" finishes about 7" x 9"

 "Yule Glow" finishes about 7" x 10"

 "Sioux Baby finishes about 8" x 13"

"Tweedy Trio" by my friend Shari Wilson finishes about 12" x 18" 

Buy our patterns at Etsy, Craftsy, Experience Quilts in Odessa, WA; Palouse Divide Lodge, in Princeton, ID, and Grammy G's Quilt Shop in Palouse, WA