Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Mom for All Times - We Miss You Every Day, Mom.......

A tribute in pictures to our dear mother for a life well-lived and a great example to us all.  Thank you.....

 Our mother, Dorothy, as a baby with her mom, in Montana, 1924. Most of these pictures were taken by her father, George, over the years. He loved to take pictures.

With her older brother, Gidge, in Spokane, 1925. Gidge survived polio at an early age and lived a long life. He was a favorite uncle.

Playing with her younger brother, Don, in the fountain on Moran Prairie. Don was killed in WWII.

As a school girl, in the 30's.

On a snowbank in Glacier Park about 1935; photo tinted by her dad, the shutterbug of the family.

Feeding chipmunks at Glacier Park.

With her first cousins, Mel and Pete, younger brother Don, and their grandmother, Elpha Steele, in Spokane during the 1930's.

In Glacier Park.


On Lake McDonald.


Beloved Montana.....

High School graduation.

As a college girl.

With her sorority, Washington State College (second from left in the front row).

Off on her honeymoon with Dad, 1942. Dad was a paratrooper, wounded in the Philipines but brought safely home at the last.

With our oldest brother, Russ, 1945.

With myself and Russ about 1949.

With my brothers in Montana, in later years.