Monday, March 14, 2016

Odessa Quilt Guild 2016 Mystery Quilt Fun

Please join us for a year-long quilt mystery. 

Then show your quilt here, on Craftsy or send it to our annual show in Odessa, WA, in April of 2017 (or all three)! We'd love to see it!

Two of the mystery blocks are already out. 

Find them HERE.

This is Block #1

Colors are my choice for the sake of illustration. You will be using four colors of your own individual choice in your project.

This is Block #2

This could be a scrappy quilt if you match scraps within the category of each of the four colors. Or, you may use the list of yardages in the Block #1 pattern. Here they are:

 Shopping List

2 ½  Yards Neutral Color (Beige, Cream, White, Black, etc) Fabric for Border and Blocks
1  Yard Warm Colored Fabric for Sashing Squares, Block Accents and Binding
1  Yard Cool Colored Fabric for Blocks
1 ½   Yards Cool Colored Fabric for Sashings and Applique’

Note: Fabrics need not be all the same within their color category; several fabrics of the same color, value and temperature can be used to represent each choice.

Both patterns are available on the link above.

This is the Odessa Quilt Guild project for 2016. Blocks will be made available in January, February and May through December. Participants may send their finished, bound, quilts to the 2017 Odessa Quilt Guild show in Odessa, WA, for judging, April 28 and 29. Applications for entry may be found on the Odessa Quilt Guild website at 

2017 Quilt Show Applications should be available on the site in January 2017. Join the fun with us or, simply make your project and email a picture of it to me at prairiestitcher at centurytel dot net. We'd love to see how your project turns out!

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