Does He Ever Stop Napping?

You know, I really need to play.  Doesn't he ever wake up?

(When Bodecia joined the household as a kitten, Norman was about 4 years old.  He had already learned to nap professionally.  You can learn more about Bodecia and Norman on their pages.)


I Need A Tissue

Let's just see if there are any in here.

 I don't see anything so far....maybe there's.....

...something further in here.

I still don't see any tissues and my nose is running.

I guess I'll go and see if there's another box somewhere.

When I went to Junior College, I took a Yoga class.....

and learned this wonderful position.....

which I am working very hard to perfect.....

When I have it just right, I'm going to roll over onto the scanner and scan myself for pawsterity!


Bodecia Finds a Quilt to Test

 Hmm, she says, I can't decide which I like better, the turquoise or the seems to be well-constructed but I'm not sure I really like applique'....I mean, I haven't done a lot of applique'.
I guess this quilt is does it look with my eyes?


It's winter, you know, and cats do hibernate along with their humans.

You might think we're awake, but we're really still sound asleep....waiting for spring....

Like my new bed?  It's just in time for SPRING!


  1. Oh Bodecia - you just made my day!

  2. Meow. Meo-thanks-ow. I-me-do-ow-my-best. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........


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