Norman was my sister-in-law's cat and he came from the SPCA as a kitten to her.  She called him "Lucky" because she thought he was such a homely little guy, no one but her could love him.

When he was half-grown, he escaped from the house and spent a whole night on the loose.  When he came home, he had a beebee embedded in his forehead, right up between his eyes.  It didn't break the skin but it must have hurt.

Norman came to live with us when our dear sis-in-law died.  He often speaks of the "Night of the BeeBee" and reveals some of the things he got into during his night on the town.

Norman can sleep on anything, including a moose.

As he often says, "I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned."  And he is.  He weighs 15 pounds.

He has always been very interested in computers and computing.  He feels it's his job to dust the printer by sleeping on it.  I think it's warm and hums a little, like a mommy.

Sad to say, Norman died 2 October 2014. Rest in peace, dear friend, companion, beautiful decoration, lovely sidekick, fierce defender of spots of sunshine, best hugger of all time, chief greeter, finder of lost buttons, great foot warmer, champion cat.

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