Saturday, May 6, 2017

Asparagus Galore!

I mumbled something about "plowing under the asparagus plot" earlier this spring, we not having had much from the 75 corms we planted a few years ago....thinking it had been a waste of time.


We checked last week and what do you think? Fifty....count'em....50 lovely stalks of the gorgeous  green spears. Oh how nice. So, we steamed them and ate them with some butter and salt and pepper.

Now, this week, we have more!

And we're going to have them wrapped in bacon. I mean, even if you hate asparagus, what's not to like about anything wrapped in bacon?

So I hunted around for a good, simple recipe and found it here, on Julie's "Lovely Little Kitchen" blog. I do love home-grown bloggers and Julie's site is really nice. Please visit and check it out...and get this recipe for salty, smoky, crispy goodness! 

I don't think my little patch will be enough for all I want to do with asparagus so we plan to buy a box for my other asparagus treat: pickled asparagus. It's to die for!

See you later!