Sunday, April 28, 2013

Odessa Quilt Show....and Finally, the Winners Are.....

.....YOU (You can win a free pattern by answering the questions at the end of this post!)

Well, friends, there was not enough time, nor energy, to blog the quilt show yesterday. But here are the winners.  As time goes by, I'm also going to show you some of my favorites.

The Mayor's Award went to "Double Aster" by Nancy Graf of Soap Lake, WA.

The award for Best Embroidered Quilt went to "Floral Garden Quilt" by June Walter of Odessa, WA

 This, actually, was my favorite quilt in the whole show. I thought the machine quilting was what represents the best style for bed quilts. Classic, and not over-done. Have you ever tried to get warm under a quilt that's been quilted every 1/4 inch all over?  It's like trying to sleep under a board! This one is JUST RIGHT (said Goldilocks) and I voted for it for best machine quilting.  The quilter?  Susan Ryan of Farm Quilting in Odessa, WA.  Susan can be reached at 509-982-0173 PO Box 434 Odessa, WA 99159

The award for Best Baby Quilt went to "Embroidered Sunbonnet Girls" by Gail Scheib of Soap Lake, WA. These old-fashioned Sunbonnet Sues are among my favorites.

The award for Best Hand Quilted Quilt went to "Big Quilts from Little Acorns Grow" by Florence Coffey of Spokane, WA.

The award for Most Improved Quilter went to Jackie Greenwalt of Odessa.  Jackie, in spite of health challenges, has been working very hard.  I don't have pictures of her quilts, yet, but hope to have some soon.

The Best Antique Quilt and the Best Youth Quilt are side-by-side in this picture.  The antique quilt (beige background) is owned by Nancy Wenke of Odessa.  The youth quilt was made by Emily Nixon, also of Odessa.  Emily calls her quilt "Laura Llama's Turquoise Squares".

Another winning youth entry was a set of pieced blocks by Katreace Boss of Odessa, to the lower right of Emily's quilt. The pieces with black backgrounds were done for a 2012 challenge by members of the Inland Northwest Machine Quilters: Shelley Sieverkropp, of Almira, and Anita Pederson of Spokane.

The award for the Best Pieced Quilt went to "One Block Wonder" by Judy Miles of Soap Lake, WA.

This lovely round table topper, titled "Chicken Dance" (a popular activity, by the way, at our annual Deutschesfest each September) won the Odessa Quilt Club 2013 Challenge. It was done by Sherrie Heimbigner of Odessa. Really special!

The Chairmen's Award went to "William Morris Garden" by Karin Vokaty of Chewelah, WA.

The award for Best Machine Quilting went to "Lavender Fields" by Helen Ladwig of Almira, WA.  The quilting was done by Shelley Sieverkropp of the same place. Shelley won this award last year as well and was the quilter of our guild's raffle quilt, "My Favorite Block".

The award for Best Applique went to "Blue Moon" by Sherry Thompson.  This quilt was done in silk fabrics!  One of my favorites in the show.

The 2013 Odessa Quilt Club Raffle Quilt, "My Favorite Block" was won by Sharon Parr of Odessa. This quilt was designed and assembled by Wendy Meise, Debbie Buscher, and Sherrie Heimbigner of Odessa, with the help of virtually ALL of the guild members, as we were invited to submit our favorite blocks.

Extra blocks from the Raffle Quilt go into a wall hanging which our guild donates to the local healthcare foundation for their purchase of special items and new equipment for our hospital. 

!!!!Answer one of the following questions and you're eligible for a drawing for a FREE QUILT PATTERN from Prairie Cottage Corner!!!

Guess who made the Sunbonnet Sues in these quilts?


Do you see a common theme or characteristics among this year's winners?

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you win!  I'll draw the names on Friday, May 3rd.


  1. Hey, Kathie, thanks for mentioning my quilting on June's quilt! The phone number...well, that is Lise's number! It was fun to quilt a quilt marked for hand quilting...good practice at following the dots :)

  2. Thanks Susan. I was trying to read your phone number without my glasses. Duh. It's correct now, though, I hope. The quilt looks wonderful, totally. Will you let June know?

  3. My guess on the sunbonnet sue blocks are you, of course! lol I will try the other question later. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks for stopping by. I'm curious how many thought the same as I did about the winners in general.

  4. I believe you made the sunbonnet sue quilts above. thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts and would love to be added to your giveaway thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. Aren't quilt shows fun? Have you entered one? I never thought I would, ever, but had two small pattern samples in this one. I'll be showing those later. Thanks for stopping by and chatting!

  5. You did your favorite Sue's! The reoccurring theme of the winners is...traditional...not a modern quilt among them! The closest to modern would be the One Block Wonder and that pattern has been around for years. Piecing, applique and quilting was all very traditional. No scrappy quilts either - all the colors were very planned and controlled, with browns, blues and yellows dominating the color spectrum. The Chicken Dance was fun! The winners were well-pieced and quilted.

    1. Thank you, Susan. I know you had a good look at the show, too, having been a "White Glove Lady" and all. Local quilters should know that if they "work" at the show, they get free admission. There are lots of jobs to do, too, so I hope quilters and quilt enthusiasts will get involved in the guild and help out next year. It is so much fun and many hands make light work.

  6. I am guessing the SUnbonnet Sues are from you. Very pretty quilts. I enjoy doing applique but can't imagine doing the Blue Moon pattern. I usually work on something much smaller. Great inspiration though.


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