Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome "Sue For All Seasons"

The drawings for "A Sue for all Seasons" were done several years ago. Since then, I've offered them as a BLOCK OF THE MONTH from time to time.

Now, for the first time, they are offered in a small medallion quilt format just 46" x 46". The center block in the pattern is a simple nine-patch. The center block is actually a great place to hang a calendar, if the quilt is to be used as a wall-hanging.

You can purchase the pattern for $12 on my site at or Just follow the links to the Catalog.

My Sue-sister quilters all around the country who share quilts and projects are so creative. They are experts at finding ways to place Sue in the most interesting quilt designs and layouts. I hope any who have already made this little quilt or who will, in future, buy the pattern, will write to me and show me how you used "Sue for all Seasons". I'll post your pictures here, gladly. The same goes for any of my other quilt and craft patterns.

Beginners should try this quilt. The applique technique using double sided fusible webbing and a hand buttonhole stitch almost guarantees success. Some of the elements of the applique seem tiny in the picture and they are small, when you consider cutting and fusing and stitching them. However, for years, I have used embroidery to fashion the smallest elements of my Sue blocks. The pattern gives instructions for all the basic embroidery stitches you will need. Places where embroidery is useful include hatbands, flowers, shoes, the pets, and any other small details that need emphasis. Prairie Stitcher