Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stormy Weather

Spring skies over central Washington, yesterday, were spectacular.  These are sky views from a Lincoln county road between Ritzville and Odessa.  The weather was intermittently sunny and snowy.  No kidding.  What can I say?  It's March.

Looking to the west in the late afternoon beside an old homestead farm.

Looking to the east.

Another sky view to the west.....

....and east, again.  From this road, we turned north, a few miles later.....right into another snow storm.  It took about 10 minutes to drive through it and out the other side.  Hey!  If you don't like the weather around here, either wait a few minutes or drive a few miles and you'll have something different.....not necessarily better....but, definitely, different.


  1. it's been nice outside but still chilly in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Wore a coat into a store this afternoon and had to take it off once to the car. Warm in store, still a bit chilly outdoors. Glad our rain is gone for now. Now we are waiting for the tulips to bloom, so warm weather, come on down! Thanks for the photos of your drive today. I drove thru the country this afternoon and it was so pretty. Didn't have my camera but it's in my mind's eye of what I saw. Lovely indeed!

    1. Hi Becky - I do so love the Willamette Valley. Many years ago, we lived in a little town south of Salem and our family was in Portland. We made many journeys between the two places and our favorite route took us through Mt. Angel, Woodburn and Oregon City. So beautiful. So green. The wheat will be green from now until early July, but that's about all the green we'll see on a grand scale until the winter wheat sprouts in October.

  2. I must say - one thing about living in this neck of the woods - there is always something so grand and gorgeous to look at! I heard it was going to be in the teens in Odessa last night! It was below 30 when we got up this morning!

    1. Yes, the nights have been chilly....and the wind is still very cold. But the tulips, crocuses, and daffodils are up and preparing to bloom. The lawn is growing! It's time to plant the spring garden! So much going on. I just love it. Hope your kitty is starting to settle in, Candace. Norman says she can come over to our house, if she doesn't take to yours. I think he has ulterior motives. I heard him say one cat (Bodecia) was not enough to really keep him warm during nap time.

  3. wow, those are great shots of the sky...we love to notice different clouds in the sky! :)

  4. Thank you. We have a lot of sky here, a whole dome of it, in most places around home. I'm glad you stopped by. I hope your Oklahoma sky is big, too.


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