Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little Magnet Fun!

Magnets, magnets, magnets. One's fridge CAN look like one big billboard. Honestly. Why should it? A few years ago, I made color prints of a lot of my quilt designs, glued them to those magnets, cut them to size, and slapped them onto the fridge.

Today, I was looking for a little gift I could make for a friend and thought about those pesky magnets. They are given away by merchants, attached to phone books and appear in the mail. I've been storing them up on my filing cabinet in my studio. I thought, maybe I could make a Christmas Sunbonnet Sue magnet for a gift. I took my "Angel Sue" design, shrunk it and printed it out. I traced it onto one of those magnets.

Then, I painted it with three coats of white acrylic craft paint.

I used a big darning needle to hold onto it while I brushed the paint on.

Then, I flipped the design and traced another one onto the remaining magnet space.

And painted it.

I cut out a heart to go in between the Sues, and colored it with a red Sharpie.

I outlined the Sue piece in preparation for coloring.

And began to put the color on.

Look! Almost done.

I wrote "Merry Christmas" in the heart and taped the magnets to a cardboard backing wrapped in clear plastic......added a ribbon and a label and......all done!

That was fun!

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