Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Christmas - Bring It" and a Give Away!!!!!

!!!!!  WE HAVE SIX WINNERS  !!!!!
(I know, I shouldn't do it, but, it's day AFTER CHRISTMAS.)
Minabird, Barbara W., Bonnie 58, Vicki, Charlene M. and braved the snow and sleet and wind and freezing temperatures to come out and visit me this holiday season when there are so many things to be done, so many people to take care of, so many quilts to be I'm giving each of you a Christmas wish. If you haven't picked a pattern in your message, go pick one, now (upper right side of the blog) and tell me which one you want. Your pattern will be emailed to you as a pdf file. Let me know you want your prize by emailing me direct at prairiestitcher at centurytel dot net. Merry Christmas, friends, and Happy New Year!

A week ago, we were just finishing this 1000 piece jig-saw puzzle which my Secret Sister, bless her, gave me for Christmas. I hadn't done a puzzle like this for many years; decades, even, and it was really fun. Aren't those the loveliest kittens?

In order to do a puzzle, we have to set up the card table and, because our home is small and cozy, we have to move the card table every time something else needs to happen, like dinner, company, walking through the room.......stuff like that. So the puzzle is now gone and the card table is put away because.....ta-da! Christmas needs to happen.

My DH's father passed away this summer and all the things he had in his little apartment came to us.....things he had had in his home, where he and his forever partner of 65 years lived for many years. This was his favorite picture of the Savior, as it is the favorite of many, I'm sure. Mine, too. So, we put it up in the dining room, where we could see it every day and be reminded we need to try to be LIKE HIM every day.

And this boxed collage by my DH's mom, using things she cherished from years past.

And one of her needlework winter pictures of a covered bridge.....

....and a candle sconce over a picture of my DH's grandmother, Rena........isn't she pretty?

A corner of the dining room with our intrepid philodendron that reaches out to the world.

We hung bells.....

in each of the front picture windows. And, finally, began to take out some of the Christmas decorations. We emptied the kitchen of the regular table dishes and brought out the Christmas dishes to use through the New Year. From the curio and china cabinets came......

the creche.....

....with everyone still intact from last year.....

....and a Christmas baking dish from my BF, Debbie......

....and my grandmother's Ohio Pottery bowls and pitcher, so bright......

....and figurines my mother collected: squirrel and bunny candle.....


......sledders figurine from Palouse Divide Lodge.....

......and a ceramic moose with copper antlers, also from Palouse Divide.....

....and more of Mom's figurines for the season, cozy bear candleholder.....

....mouse on bunny tree trimming......

....and a mommy bird sheltering family and friends from the cold.

Well, we're just getting started! We may actually get the tree up today. Rudolph says, "Christmas! Bring it!"

To Enter the Give-Away Drawing

Leave a comment on this post about your favorite Christmas thing; and be a follower by Google  (or mention that you are) and I will give you a free pattern of your choice (tell me which one, now: you can see them on the first link in "Links to Like" at the top right of this page) when I draw the names on Sunday, December 22nd, at 8 o'clock PM PST.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Hello,
    I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and I like seeing all the patterns you have. I knew I had to add you to my google blog list and now your blog sits on my tool bar and I check almost every day to see if there is something new.
    The best thing I love about Christmas is getting together with friends and families. I love all the festivities that come with Christmas. I am not sure if I love snow more than festivities. Sometimes, it's hard to tell. But snow makes it seem more like Christmas to me.
    I wouldn't mind having the dashing pattern. I am new quilter and I am still working on my stash but I hope to be as good you one day.

    1. Thank you so much for following and checking in. I have some blogs I check almost every day, too. They're not all quilting blogs, either. I like horses and love watching Zenyatta's blog....also enjoy homemaking topics and keep a close check on Susan Branch's blog. So, I know what you mean. I hope I'm as interesting, as time goes on. Blogging is one of my favorite things since I love to write and love to quilt and love to take pictures. Purr-fect as our house felines would say. Merry Christmas, to you and your family! I love those things about Christmas, too. Kathie

  2. you know i love sun bonnet sue, thanks

    1. Yup. What's not to love about a sweet little girl who can do anything and everything and still remain wonderfully feminine and friendly! She's sew much fun! Kathie

  3. I would love a SB Sue pattern, especially love the flower basket Sue. Thanks so much for sharing. I am an email follower.

    1. Flower Basket Sue has been one of our most popular patterns. It was fun to do, too. Thank you for following and visiting. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Kathie

  4. I like the harvest mice pattern-so cute! I love the shadow box, it is such a beautiful idea. Thanks for the giveaway. I am an email follower. vickise at gmail dot com

    1. Those little mice are having their own harvest with one doing the work and the other keeping watch for that foxy feline that lurks in the pumpkin patch! My mother-in-law was very creative. All the needlework wall pieces in our house, now, with the exception of one by my mom, were done by her. She was a nice person, too. When she and I got together we laughed and laughed. Our husbands couldn't figure out what we found was so funny...we just had a great time, that's all. I miss her. I didn't think the shadow box would come to us, but it did. I was glad when my DH unwrapped it. We also have some of her quilts (one on our bed now) to keep us warm. She passed away in 2009. Thank you for following and visiting. I love company. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. KD

  5. I just found your blog today. I really love the sharing of DH's father's pictures. I have some from relatives that have passed on. I love Christmas with all the lites and festivities. We aren't going to have White Christmas this year. The most favorite thing I have is my Charlie Brown Tree. A poor ole tree with 1 bulb. I follow by Google and e-mail. I too would love the Dashing pattern. Thanks for the chance. katztoo1(at)frontier(dot)com

  6. Just found your blog today. Love the sharing of photos of your DHs father's things. I have lots of old photos and possessions of Passed on relatives. The mean a lot to me. I too am a beginning quilter and would love the Dashing pattern. My favorite Christmas thing I possess is my Charlie Brown tree. Very few branches and 1 red ornament. Thanks for the chance to win. katztoo1(at)frontier(dot)com

    1. We just watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I hadn't seen it for years. Poor Charlie. His tree, though, has a certain, undeniable charm no one, except Lucy, maybe, could resist. Thanks for stopping by, Charlene. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. KD

  7. My favorite Christmas things are making gifts for my family and watching them use them during the year. I would love to have the Christmas Sue wallhanging pattern. I follow on google. Thanks for a great giveaway. Jackie

    1. We all of us, who quilt and sew, love that part of the giving: the seeing of the use of whatever it was we created. Every Christmas, my mother made a party dress for me. She stayed up late, sewing, I know, because I caught her at it a few times. I, in my turn, did the same for my daughter. Now, it's for grandchildren. It's a certain legacy, don't you think? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. KD