Sunday, November 10, 2013

Palouse Divide Retreat 2013 - Welcome to a Winter Wonderland

An early snow blessed our quilt retreat this past weekend at Palouse Divide Lodge in the Idaho mountains near St. Maries, Idaho. Look at the view from my quilting corner.

Outside it was cold and crispy......

....inside, it was warm, friendly, and cozy. The winter white light was a delight (poetic!).....

....our heads bent over our work......

....a busy hum in the air......

Looking toward the kitchenette in our large, airy room. The lodge provides breakfast and dinner....we bring our own snacks and luncheon items to share.

Each day, some of us worked up to 10 hours on our projects.

Some of us were driven crazy by quilting.....

There was lots of laughter......

....and lots of finishes...... sweet, this Irish Chain......

....and a garden for a gardener......

....and the sweetest Cowgirl quilt I've ever seen......

.....and an "I Spy" for a little guy.....

....and a set of "Days of the Week" flour sack towels. When I came home I ordered towels to make a set of my own. These inspire, yes indeed! I'd say those were Rhode Island Reds, wouldn't you?

And a lovely Christmas table runner that took.....

....about 45 minutes to stitch up.

It was a wonderful 4 days. We didn't really want to come home, did we?


  1. Wow - I would have had a hard time coming home from that, Kathie! What a wonderful place and to have the first snow of the season - it's just so darned perfect!

    1. I was glad I had a four-wheel drive. The snow was wet and heavy and part of the road was a bit of a challenge. But, so lovely. By the time we left, the roads were clear and the snow, non-existent, down below. Gorgeous. We look forward to this retreat so much every year. The lodge is at milepost 23 on Idaho Hwy 6 (White Pine Drive) from Princeton, ID, to St. Maries, ID. Great scenery. Cross country trails galore. They have a ski-lift cabin that they rent out. So romantic. You'd love it.

  2. BRRRR, just looking at that snow makes me feel cold. Actually I'm cold right now, just got back from being gone for awhile, eating dinner, free veterans meal, who can pass up Applebees offer. Chilly outside, 48 degrees. I need to put a sweatshirt on. NOW! Beautiful quilts. The gardening quilt is my favorite. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Thank you, vets, for your service; and welcome home! It's about 40 degrees here now and rainy. Snow in the forecast for Friday, though, and we're in the driest part of the state! Maybe we'll have a real winter this year....unlike in the mountains where they have real winter every year. Yum, Applebees! So glad you had a nice meal out. Come back again soon.

  3. Wow - that sounds like so much fun and thanks for sharing those wonderful snowy landscape pictures! Those quilts are beautiful, and if you're gonna be driven crazy by anything, it may as well be quilting! xCathy

    1. I so agree. A lovely nightmare, being driven crazy by quilting. We had such fun. I was working on 672 half-square triangles for a Bear Paw block quilt. I haven't finished it yet but have just a few more things to do to complete the blocks. It's for my own bedroom.....with twenty applique'd bears for the border. It's very woodsy! Thank you for visiting.

  4. What a completely awesome post! The view is spectacular. And the company fun. What a productive time spent! Thanks for sharing pics of all the lovely projects!


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