Thursday, June 27, 2013

And so, the Pacific, at last.....

We went across State Highway 12 to I-5 and south on that to Longview. Then, out to the coast on the north side of the Columbia River. We arrived at the south end of Willapa Bay in late afternoon.  The tide was out (that's, usually water from the road to the island, at high tide).

You see where the water line usually is.

Lovely. And the bay, ocean, water aromas were wonderfully new and refreshing.

Some geese, waddling along....


...and then, all of a sudden, we're there! Long Beach, the main drag.

Long Beach approach to the sea.

NO SWIMMING, yah think?

And there it,



....and you can drive on it at low tide. The speed limit is 25 MPH.

Beach grasses.....

...and the Long Beach Boardwalk.

The old Campiche Book Store, today. It was a bookstore in 1969.

Downtown Long Beach, the Cottage Bakery. My DH's dad almost bought this shop in the 1960's. It's still a great bakery.

And the center of it all, as far as I'm concerned: BOARDWALK QUILTS!!!! If you go to Long Beach, plan to buy fabric here. Lovely ocean-themed stuff. I couldn't resist.

And, at last, our cottage and a comfortable chair. We stayed at the Anchorage Cottages. This is where you must stay, when you go to Long Beach.

Ehkolie is Chinook Indian language for whale. Our cottage #1 was called Whale Cottage.

It was completely and carefully decorated, including magazines, books, games, dvd's.....

.....lovely pictures.....

....and all. The bed was WONDERFUL and the kitchenette completely furnished right down to a waffle iron.  

An old ad for a powerful soap.

Looking out the window. Outside was a complete patio with a place to picnic and barbecue. Lots of flowers and chairs and swings with a lovely trail to the beach.

Tomorrow.....exploring the Long Beach Peninsula.


  1. Nice pictures. We were to Long Beach a few years back and are planning on going back the year after next. I will keep this quilt shop in my book to look up. Thanks for the nice pictures.

  2. Teri is the quilt shop owner, with her husband. They have retreats there at the Adrift Motel in Seaview. I love Seaview (just south of Long Beach). It's so pretty. Old homes, big trees, tons of atmosphere. The quilt shop has a huge classroom and lots of great fabric.


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