Saturday, June 30, 2012

Does He Ever Stop Napping?

You know, I really need to play.  Doesn't he ever wake up?

(When Bodecia joined the household as a kitten, Norman was about 4 years old.  He had already learned to nap professionally.  You can learn more about Bodecia and Norman on their pages.)


  1. Hello I just found you and I love Sunbonnet Sue. Pretty kitties:)

  2. Hi Jennifer: Welcome to Prairie Cottage Corner. We're so glad you came by. Bodecia and Norman say "Meow" (well, Norman actually says "Arraow" in a low, husky, voice). Bodecia says "Mmmmmm" a lot because she might be too lazy to get the whole thing out. See you again, soon, I hope. Thanks, Kathie

  3. Oh, how I love kitties....but our dog Rusty is our favorite pet right now!! He is so smart & lovin. What would we do without God's little furry creatures?? smile...


  4. They take us out of ourselves, don't they? Always glad to see us, no matter what. Our dog, Mac, has gone to heaven. We miss him....and so do the kitties, especially on cold winter nights. We often found them all in Mac's bed at times, all curled up together. They were all friends. Thank you for stopping by.


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