Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bodecia Finds a Quilt to Test

 Hmm, she says, I can't decide which I like better, the turquoise or the seems to be well-constructed but I'm not sure I really like applique'....I mean, I haven't done a lot of applique'.
I guess this quilt is does it look with my eyes?


  1. This cat is so amusing! Animals could be very smart - I know this from my dog.

  2. Bodecia says, "Thank you. I am much smarter than Norman, but don't tell him, okay? I mean, he can eat more than me, faster than I can, but I know how to sneak around and get what he leaves while he's washing his paws and looking so smug!" (Note: Bodecia is a very social feline and loves people almost as much as she loves quilts. She tells me that before she came to live with us she attended junior college and learned all about aerobics. She often uses this an excuse for us to to have to side with her on issues she has with Norman, whatever they may be.) Norman says about this, "Can I get back to my nap now?" Thanks, Zim, for stopping by.


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