Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Katrina - All Grown Up!

What is this clicky, blinky thing, anyway? Oh, the camera!


Okay, I'm ready. But, oh, are you going to read to me?

Come on. You know you wanna read to me!

That was a good story.....I think I dozed off for a minute.

What else are we doing today? Yup, the table. I'm lying on the table. So what?

It's a great place for a quick bath.....

or a......ribbon..... with the ribbon.

Okay, this is getting boring..... comment.....end of interview.

Bye. (Does this blog make my thighs look fat?)

And later that same day.....

Is it time for another photo-shoot? I'm ready. How's this? Does this floor make my thighs look fat?


  1. I love this because Katrina is adorable and I'm a cat lover. We have one totally black long-haired cat now, her brother died a couple of years ago. So I really like to see cats like Katrina who have great colors and markings! She's a ham for sure, loves that camera! You are definitely creative and I envy that. Take care

    1. PS - I'd like to meow meet your kitty. Totally black and long-haired MEOW. Must be a meow cousin! She's meow lucky she's black. Keeping my meow mittens clean is a real chore! Thank you for the compliments. I'll meow wash my paws with greater meow.....alacrity in future. Meow later, K.

  2. Meow, Pam: Meow thanks. I'm getting my own meow page soon, just like Bodecia and Norman. See my tufted meow paws? It's for walking in snow. (Meow, I'm actually a snow tiger disguised as a Maine Coon, meow, shhhhhh.) I've never walked in snow, meow, being an indoor kitty. My meow mommy keeps us safe from coyotes and owls and cougars, meow. Haven't seen any meow wolves, yet. I'd like to try meow snow, though, if we ever get any again. Gotta go test a meow quilt. Glad you stopped by! Meow love, Katrina


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