Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Welcome Katrina!

Our most elderly friend, Norman, passed away a few weeks ago. He was in his 14th year and had been failing for the last six months. He was a happy cat and he often told us so. Rest in peace, Norman, until we meet again.

Not wanting Bodecia, who had known Norman almost all of her life, to go into a deep mourning, we looked around for a likely kitten to join the family.

We found Katrina.

Ahem, Katrina! Hey, Katrina! They're introducing you. Sit up and look pretty!

She's got Norman's old white rat, as you can see, on the floor of the workroom. Why she wants to roll around down there like that, I have no idea. She'll be hours getting all that dust off of her.

She's developing quite an effective rabbit kick, we'll have to give her that..... 

and good balance on the haunches......

seems to understand rat anatomy......

knows the head from the tail...... Yes, she's doing quite well in RAT101.

Now, to see if she can pass BIOLOGY101 by removing the rat's brain.....

it's a serious fight, folks.

She's got him down.....

did you hear that? The rat cried uncle! Katrina wins round 1!

This is exhausting, raising kittens.

I'd rather be upsidedown.

Or, asleep, at last. Bodecia. Age 9.

And Katrina, too. Sleeping dustmop. Age 12 weeks.



  1. I would love another kitty, but mine is such a princess and queen of this castle, that I am afraid she would have a hissy fit! LOL!

  2. As you can imagine, it's been touch and go. I think they'll be close friends, though, now. Katrina has been here about 10 days. Katrina, having fended off siblings to eat, still growls when she chows down. Bodecia, once in a while, will hiss when she's had enough. They play tag and share far so good. I'll come over and see how you're doing. I loved the road trip you took a while back.

  3. Priceless photos and commentary! Norman reached a good old age and it looks like Katrina is quickly settling in!

    1. Katrina is settling in. And Bodecia likes her, too. Is very patient and slightly motherly. Norman was a good kitty and did have a full life. He was such a character. We miss him very much. Thanks for visiting.

  4. I'm so sorry to read about Norman's passing. I hope your kitty is working out and helping your other cat to not feel so lonely. Hugs my friend!

    1. Thank you. We were sad to see him leave us. Katrina is settling in and Bodecia, after a little bit of a slump. is treating her like an almost friend. It's hard to tell how these things are going to go, you know.


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