Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Hand-Dandy Quilt Binding Helper - And a WINNER!

This is my DIY Handy-Dandy Quilt Binding Helper - A Box of Kleenex......, a Kleenex box. You know how quilt binding can get all twisty as you try to sew it on? It's a mess, unless you take a few minutes at the beginning to carefully wind it into a roll. 

I start by winding the quilt binding, unfolded, onto a long pencil (not a short, stubby pencil). I don't fold and iron the binding lengthwise because by the time it's sewn down and turned to the other side to be blind-stitched, the fold is no longer right on the edge to be hand why bother to iron it? Also, finishing the binding is easier without the fold (which is another blog post, altogether, which I haven't written, yet, sorry.)

Then I take my Kleenex box, which I've been using for the past FIVE YEARS....the one with the pencil-sized holes in each side about half way from every side of the box

I put the roll inside the Kleenex box (doesn't matter which way is up - it's not toilet paper!)


I mark the end of the binding 12" from the end all the way across.

And I put a mark, wider than the binding about halfway along one side of the quilt.

I place the box on the floor next to my presser foot. And away we go!

Folding the binding in half, lengthwise and matching the lines, I back stitch a few stitches, and begin sewing the folded binding to the front of the quilt, raw edges to the right. I continue folding and stitching until I get about 1" from a corner.

Then, I measure and mark 1/4" toward the presser foot from the corner edge of the fabric and mark a line I can see. I stitch to the line and stop, lifting the needle and presser foot and pulling out about 5 " of top and bobbin thread but not cutting the thread.

Turn the quilt so you are ready to begin stitching down the next side. With the thread still attached, pull the folded binding straight up in a right angle to the side you just stitched, away from you, then fold it straight toward you, forming a square with the folded edge and right hand raw edge along the edge of the quilt.

Like this.

Then, place the presser foot on the very edge of the quilt and binding and 1/4" from the quilt and binding raw edge, back stitch a few stitches and continue sewing down the side. Repeat this technique for making squared corners at each turn.

On you go! Stay tuned for instructions on seamless binding ends......

Meanwhile, you just might win a prize!

And speaking of prizes! 

Our winner of the drawing for a Prairie Cottage Quilt pattern of her choice, today, is Sandi Timmons!

 Congratulations, Sandi! 

Thank you for all your nice comments and stay tuned for our new contest early next month. 

Meanwhile, back to the drawing board. 

New patterns are on their way to you!

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