Friday, May 2, 2014

Guess Who Won a Ribbon at the Annual Odessa Quilt Show?

We did! Pardon us while we blow our horn!

Shelley Seiverkropp, of Almira, WA, was really the winner. Prairie Cottage Corner simply provided the "canvas", as it were, for her lovely artwork with her machine quilter.

Best Machine Quilting Award - "Southern Belle Sue"
Designed, appliqued and sewn by Prairie Cottage Corner
Machine quilting by Shelley Seiverkropp, Wheatridge Studios

"Southern Belle Sue" is the name of the quilt and the pattern, which has been one of our consistently great selling patterns since it came out in 2010. I started the model for it then, and, finally, got it quilted this spring. Shelley loved the quilt and I think it certainly inspired her. Anyway, she did a wonderful job on the quilting.

Best Antique Quilt - "Quilt for Bud" owned by Susan Ryan, Odessa

Best Baby Quilt - It was a tie!

"Poinsettia" by Karin Vokaty


"Three for Tea" by Laura Estes, Odessa

Best Embroidery Quilt

"Vintage Tin" by Patricia Heimbigner-Gies

Best Large Quilt


Best Applique' Quilt

"Dear William" by Sherry Thompson

Best Pieced Quilt

"Starry, Starry Night" by Judy Main

Best Hand Quilting

"Our Flower Garden" by Dona Sartin of Warden

Best Wall Quilt

"Hearts From Friends" by Sherrie Heimbigner and the Odessa Quilt Club quilters

(I wonder who put those Sues on there anyway......?)

The Odessa Mayor's Award

"Outdoor Adventure" by Mandy Smith

Special Award 

"Friendship Quilt" by Odessa Quilters and Mildred Deife
Sewn and owned by Dee Batterman  Deife, Mildred's daughter-in-law

Special Award

"Rosie's Bomb" by Marlene Oddie (one of my personal favorites)

Special Award

"Tweedy Trio" by Shari Borum-Wilson

Some More of My Personal Favorites (not all of them, though)

And they aren't ALL here, so if you were left out, it's only because I could only take so many pictures in two days at the show and get everything else done. Anyway, these are a few of the quilts I seriously liked.

"Squirrels for Evie" by Kathy Conway of Waite's Lake

"Bright Lights of New York" by Sandra Kinney of Ritzville

"Be Mine" by Linda Fox Gustafson of Odessa

"Carpenter's Star" by Kathy Taylor of Odessa

"True Nature" by Neva Braun of Spokane
(I actually voted for this one for Best Machine Quilting because I thought the quilting on it was hand-in-hand with the color and composition, supporting the kind of misty aura of it.)

"Robin in the Cabin Exchange" by Joyce McClanahan and the Odessa Quilt Club quilters

"Be Attitudes" by Neva Braun of Spokane

"Dad's Tiger Quilt" owned by George Smethers

"Dashing" by Prairie Cottage Corner

"Debbie's Blue Quilt" by Erin MacGregor, Kathie Donahue and the Odessa Saturday Quilters

One of the Hoffman Challenge quilts at the show.....

"Mariah's Quilt" by Erin MacGregor and Kathie Donahue 

"Midnight Feast" by Prairie Cottage Corner

"Sherrie's Sleepy Acres" by Sherrie Heimbigner

"Strawbonnet Sue" by Prairie Cottage Corner

"Sunshine for Stephanie" by JoAnn Hardt

"Sun and Moon Pineapple" by Debbie Buscher

"Twas...." by Prairie Cottage Corner

"Purple Passion" by Carey Jasman 

Our Featured Quilter was Linda Riesterer, of Wenatchee, WA

Linda's Story......

I became an addicted quilter in the ‘90’s when I made my first applique quilts. I didn’t know when I signed up for a block of the month Baltimore Album quilt that I was tackling something that was supposed to be difficult–I just thought it was beautiful. One block at a time I learned how to applique and when it came time to quilt it, I learned how to hand quilt. Hand applique and hand quilting are still my favorite forms of quilting.

After making quilts from other people’s patterns I wanted to create something unique, so I ventured into crazy quilting. I had embroidered many pillowcases as a child, so crazy quilting was an easy step for me. And once I made one crazy quilt I had all those beautiful threads and ribbons and laces, so I naturally had to make more to use the supplies, and I needed to use them up. I love the detail of crazy quilts. A viewer can spend a lot of time up close finding new things and no two will ever be the same.

Recently beading has become more important in my work. I often add beads as embellishment to my quilts, but I have developed some patterns and taught some classes in beading boxes, pictures and dolls. You can’t go wrong with beads–they are beautiful, no matter what you do with them.

My quilts have won several awards at the North Central Washington Quilt Guild Show and at the Association of Pacific West Quilters Show. They have also been shown in the Paducah Quilt Show. I love sharing them and I hope you enjoy seeing them.”

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your quilts and techniques with us. 
We appliquers have got to stick together!

2014 Raffle Quilt Winner - PJ Jacobsen of Lind

Is she thrilled, or what?

That's all folks! Until next April, when we meet again. If you haven't sent a quilt to our annual show before, why not do so next year? We accept quilts from out-of-towners. It's free! Deadline for entries is around the 10th of April. You can get an entry form on our website.  


  1. Wow, you have some gorgeous quilts at the show. How many quilts were in the show? Some fabulous quilters in our area for sure!! Hugs!

  2. Yup, thank's our very first (after ten years of quilting). And yet, it really belongs to Shelley. We were just smart enough to choose her! The quilting, itself, is one thing I don't seem to do with any great enthusiasm, myself. So I'm glad for good, and in this case, excellent, help.

  3. The quilts are beautiful and so creative women that make them. I love looking at them. I enjoy going to ones around here when I remember or have the time! The first quilt is so pretty! Good job!

  4. Thanks, Becky. I go to shows when I can, too. I'm always amazed at the creativity that must be going one all the time everywhere, in quiet, cozy corners, out of sight. Always an inspiration.

  5. Congrats - even if I'm a little late .. I usually save the "show and tell" "quilt show report" posts for a time when I actually have time to watch the pictures and see what other people are doing. I didn't like all the quilts, but even with those I personally don't like I can see why they made it.
    Now I just have to remember to google Odessa is - because by my school geography that town is placed somewhere at the Black Sea ...


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