Monday, February 13, 2012

So, What's a "Corn Bag"?

Rice Bag and Bean Bag hot and cold packs abound, handy little cotton bags or socks that can be nuked for a heat treatment to a sore muscle or cold feet, or frozen to chill a bruise or a strain.  They're very handy.  In our quilt guild, this month, our intrepid teacher, Laura Estes (Sage Country Quilts), demonstrated making a Corn Bag, which serves the same purpose as it's cousins, but seems to hold the heat longer.  Here's the pattern, for you.

1.  Field Corn direct from the elevator can be quite rocky.  If you get corn from a local bulk foods store, it will be clean and require little picking over.  You never use popcorn in this bag, for obvious reasons.  Nevertheless, some of the Field Corn will pop, but don't worry about it.  Place the corn in a colander and shake out any dirt or debris.  Pick out any rocks but don't go overboard.
2.  Place the print squares right sides together.  Add muslin squares to the top and bottom of the stack.  Pin as shown, below:

3.  Stitch all around, beginning at one side of the opening and ending at the other side of the opening.  Turn the bag right side out and finger press, poking out the corners, gently.
4.  An extra pair of hands helps with the next step.  Have someone hold the bag open with the funnel in place.  Pour the corn into the funnel.  Sew up the opening by machine or hand.  All done!

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