Monday, January 25, 2010

Be Prepared

The world's troubles abound in the news. In one place or another in the world, there is commotion and suffering. One thing is sure, no matter what happens, whether it is earthquake, tornado or flood, people will be on their own for at least three days after the emergency. It takes just about that amount of time for emergency services to rally and come to the aid of those in need. So, what do you do for 3 days?

Whether you are at home or have been evacuated, you may be without power and water. During that 72 hours of privation, you will wish you had been prepared.

We have built and maintained 72-hour Kits for our family for the past 25 years, refurbishing and replacing them every 6 months. Our kits fit into small wheeled suitcases; the kind you take on an airplane. One could also use a backpack or a tote box. We like the wheels, though, for easy transport by us older persons who cannot carry heavy loads.

Here's a list of suggestions for a 72-hour kit:

72 Hour Kit

2 Granola Bars
2 Hot Chocolate Packets
2 Beef Jerky
2 Apple Cider Drink Packets
1 Can or Packet of Tuna
6 Crackers
24 Pieces of Candy
2 Packages of Peanuts
2 packages of Raisins
2 Fruit Roll-ups
2 Packages of Soup Mix
Can Opener
Mess Kit
Toilet Paper
Handi Wipes
Change of clothing suitable to the season
Sleeping Bag
1-Man plastic tent
Space blanket (Mylar)
2 large garbage bags
2 Liters of Water
3 Emergency Candles
Box of wooden matches
Tuna Can or Sterno Stove
Flashlight + batteries
First Aid Kit
Toothbrush and Paste
Bar of Soap
Personal Hygiene Items
Cell phone charger
Emergency Radio
Digital Camera
Cell phone
Sketch book
A good paperback mystery
$100 in small bills and change
List of credit/debit cards, emergency numbers, insurance and other vital information
2 Bungie Cords with hooks
Swiss Army Knife on belt
Extra set of car/house keys

Pack items in the suitcase. Attach the sleeping bag to the top with the bungies. Store the kit near the door or in a vehicle you would expect to use in an emergency.

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  1. This is a wonderful list! I have a similar (but much shorter) list that I call my Bushfire case list. After the catastrophic bushfires here in Victoria Australia last year, most people have some kind of survival plan ready to go, in case of another bushfire.


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